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After the pandemic, a group of passionate engineers, fueled by their love for both life and adventure, set out on a mission to bring the joy of sports to every doorstep. Drawing inspiration from their own experiences with over 50 different bike models, they dove deep into understanding the diverse needs of users across various lifestyles. Determined to create a range of E-bikes suited for any occasion, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

  • Positioning: Innovative Smart Mobility Solutions Provider.

  • Philosophy: Customer-Centric Partnership for Success.

  • Vision: Win-Win

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With two major manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Weinan, our monthly output can reach up to 1500 units.

Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

Our Thundercycle team comprises various departments including design, technical, quality management, and marketing, collaborating closely to drive forward the global E-bike industry

Thundercycle is committed to providing high-quality E-bikes to consumers worldwide, meeting their needs for sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions

Our Thundercycle Team Comprises Various Departments Including Design, Technical, Quality Management, And Marketing, Collaborating Closely To Drive Forward The Global E-Bike Industry.

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Design Team

This division comprises seasoned and imaginative designers who grasp consumer preferences

Technical Team

Comprising a cadre of skilled technicians, this team delves into the intricate technicalities underpinning core components like the power system, transmission system, and braking system of E-bikes

Quality Management Team

The primary responsibility of this team is to ensure that each bicycle meets quality standards.

Marketing Team

Tasked with analyzing market trends, this department acts as a liaison between R&D team and the external landscape, offering invaluable market insights to inform product strategy

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